Posted by: novembri yusuf | November 8, 2007

वेल्ड defect

Weld Defect Trending

Pipeline welding – pipeline weld testing
Designed for the pipeline weld testing industry, UT Scan delivers unprecedented reliability and accuracy. You can count on UT Scan in even the most demanding pipeline welding environments with its industrial grade computer hardware and precise manufacturing.
Weld defects can be identified by :
Type: planar or volumetric
Location: through thickness depth
Location: upstream weld side or downstream weld side
Fusion defects with the parent metal, or weld interpass fusions defects
Vertical height of defects
Defect sizing within ± .5 – 1.0 mm
Amplitude sizing and TOFD sizing
UT Scan Plus Weld Software is programmable for job/criteria specifics, Automatic Defect Detection and Evaluation
High/Low detection and measurement for Internal and External Quality Control/Defect Trending for Welding Foreman and Welding Engineers with all aspects of the defects known
UT Scan’s PlusWeld reporting software offers reporting and trending of defects and keeps a “live” record of the repair list.
PlusWeld automatically collects and audits the weld testing results. It offers the operator and our clients and consultants a real-time view of the welding progress, defects and a defect trending, on an “as is”, daily or project basis. The results are broken down by the welds, welder, defect types or a particular zone of the weld of interest. This will give you quality reporting information on your entire project in real time.
UT Scan’s Weld Defect Detection and Trending
Detects planar defects more reliably than Gamma Ray or Manual UT can
Defect trending reports are automatically generated by PlusWeld
Reject able welds are documented and can be reported immediately following weld scan. Defects are identified in data file and file is stored.
High P.O.D. for planar defects – No false alarm – No radiation – Faster results
Defect height sizing – Depth measurements– ECA acceptance criteria can be used
Fully cross-sectional view of defects with visualized high/low situations
Scan Results
Create one or more defects, cutouts, re-inspections or anomalies for each weld
Defect type
Start and end locations
Weld pass
Weld side
Depths and Vertical Heights

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