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1. A crack type most associated with the submerged are werlding process is :
Solidification cracking
2. An undersirable properly of alumminium oxide residue, when welding is that it :
Requires more heat to melt in when compared to aluminium

3. A black triangular flag conjuction with a weld symbol as to EN 22553 Means:
Welding to be carried out on site ( field weld ).

4. Austenetic stainless steel can be readly identified by:
Lack of magnetic attraction.

5. A welding process where the welding plant control the travel speed and are gap, but under a constant supervision using a shielding gas mixture of 80 % argon – 20 % carbon dioxide is termed as :
A mechanized MAG process.

6. A duty not normally intertaken by a welding Inspector is to :
Measure residual stress

7. A crater crack my also be termed :
Star crack

8. A welding inspectors main attributes include:
a. Knowledge
b. Honesty and integrity
c. Good communicator
All of the above

9. A code of practice for visual inspection should cover the following :
Before, during and after welding

10. A steel described as QT will have improved tensile properties because it has ?
Been heat – treated

11. A welding procedure is useful to :
a. Give information to welder
b. Give information to the inspector
c. Gice “Confidence” to a product.
All of the above

12. An essential variable may :
a. change the properties of the weld
b. influence the visual acceptability
c. require Re – approved of a weld procedure
All of the above

13. A Magnifying glass may be used during visual inspection but BS 5289 status that is magnetification should be :
b. 2 – 2.5

14. A Planer defect is :
a. Incomplete fusion defects
b. Slag inclusion
c. Incomplete penetration
Both a & c

15. A “weave technique” may give rise to:
a. Better profiles
b. Improved toe blending
c. Improved ripple shape
All of the above

16. A Fatique failure is characteristic by the appearance of the fracture surface it would be:

17. A Code of practice is:
A set of rules for manufacturing a specific product

18. A Metallurgical problem most associated with submerged are welding is:
Solidification cracking in the weld metal

19. A Common gas/mixture used in MIG welding nickel alloy to combine good level of penetration with good arc stability would be:
100% Argon

20. A Large grain structure in steels is said to produce:
Low fracture toughness values

21. A Welder qualification test is to Verify:
The skill of the welder

22. A Fabricating procedure calls for fillet weld to be “blended in” by grinding. This is to influence:
Fatigue Life

23. A carbon equivalent (CE) of 0.5% :
Is high for carbon manganese steel and may require a preheat over 100%

24. Austenitic stainless are more susceptible to distortion when complete to feritic steel this is because :
High coefficient, low termal conductivity.

25. Assuming that the welding process, material thickness, carbon equivalent and the welding parameters to be the same, which of the following joint type would normally required the highest preheat temperature.
Tee joint (fillet weld)

26. Assuming that the applicable specification makes no mention of arc strikes, what would you expect to do as a welding inspector if arc strike were found on a component made of high tensile strenght material.
Have the area checked for possible cracking

27. A multi pass MMA but weld made on carbon Steel Consist of 5 passes deposited using a 6 mm diameter electrode. A 12 pass weld made on the same joint deposited using a 4 mm diameter electrode on the same material will have :
A lower heat input and higher degree of grain refinement

28. A balanced welding technique for example back step welding is most open used for :
Reducing distortion

29. A tee joint an a support bracket is to be welded both side using a 5mm leg lenght fillet weld, each weld is to be intermittent 50 mm in total lenght, the gap between each weld is to be 25 mm. Which of the following is the correct symbol in accordance with ISO 2553 ?
5 50 (25)
5 50 (25)

30. A fatique cracks fracture surface (s) :

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