Posted by: novembri yusuf | November 10, 2007


Resume/CV Tips

The purpose of your resume is to summarize your skills, education and work experience so you get noticed by an employer and invited to an interview. Employers read many resumes and must make decisions about applicants quickly. To get noticed, your resume should be well-written, concise and clearly outline your qualifications for the job.
Things to include:
Contact information: This should include at least your full name, phone number and email address. If you like, you may also include your mailing address.
Education: List institution names, locations, certificate, diploma or degree titles, major or academic concentration and other professional development activities.
Certification and licensure: Note any professional certifications and licenses including the issuing organizations and dates.
Professional experience: Include the names and locations of your previous employers, job titles, dates, responsibilities, skills acquired and accomplishments.
Other things to include: Awards, honours, publications, grants, patents, professional affiliations and any foreign language skills.

Avoid Common Resume MistakesRecruiters are very busy and won’t spend much time on an applicant who doesn’t immediately seem like a good match. Keep your resume out of the “no” pile by avoiding these common pitfalls.
Resume Outline Chronological FormatThe chronological format is well-suited to applicants who have professional experience that is relevant to the job. It allows a recruiter to skim quickly through the applicants recent jobs and note skills and accomplishments.
Resume Outline Functional FormatThe functional format is a useful option if you are changing careers or have little applicable experience. It allows you to emphasize your skills and accomplishments, rather than specific job titles.

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