Posted by: novembri yusuf | November 27, 2007



A Weld                        : a union of material, produced by heat and/or pressure

A Joint                         : a configuration of member

A Weld preparation      : Preparing a joint to allow access & fusion through the joint faces

Type of  Weld              : Butt, fillet, spot, seam, edge

Type of  Joint               : Butt T Lap, Open corner, close corner

Types of preparation     : Bevel’s, V’s, J’s, U’s. (single & double)

Preparation term           : Bevel angle, included angle, root face, root gap ,weldment term : weld face, weld root, fusion zone,fusion boundary,     HAZ, Weld toes, weld width

Weld sizing ( Butt)        : Design throat thickness, actual TT, Excess weld metal, excess

                                       Root penetration

Weld sizing (fillets)        : Design TT , actual TT, excess weld metal, leg length.

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