Posted by: novembri yusuf | February 2, 2009

Multiple choice ujian CSWIP 3.1 PART 2

Buat yang mau ambil CSWIP 3.1 sedikit contoh coal multiple choice…semoga mempunyai gambaran untuk soal ujian yang sebenarnya…





  1. What two factors in arc welding must be in equilibrium to enable a stable arc to be established

            A arc voltage

            B current

            C wire /electrode feed rate

            D metal burn off rate


  1. in mma welding what parameter is used for the control of penetration into the base material

            A voltage

            B welding speed

            C iron powders in the coating

            D current


  1. In the welding of a butt joint made from one side which of the following controls the profile of the root bead

            A root face

            B bevel angle

            C root gap

            D none of the above


  1. What type of power source characteristic is required for manual welding

            A constant voltage

            B flat characteristic

            C drooping characteristic

            D motor generator


8.  Which one of the following destructive tests would indicate the toughness of weld parent metal  – haz

            A macro

            B nick break

            C hardness

            D charpy v notch


9.  Degreasing components is essential for quality welding but some agents may

            A cause corrosion problems

            B gives off phosgene gas

            C leaves residuals

            D all of the above


10. Which of the following chemical elements has the greater effect on the hardenability of steel plate


            B chromium

            C titanium

            D carbon


11.In mag / co2 welding which parameters give the greatest control of weld appearance during dip transfer or short circuit welding

            A wire stick out length

            B amperage

            C wire feed speed

            D inductance


12.  In mma welding the slags produced can be varied to suit the welding position which type of slag would be required for welding in the hv position

            A fluid

            B viscous

            C none of the above

            D semi fluid


13 The weld metal deposit of mma electrodes achieves its mechanical strength through

            A the core wire

            B the flux coating

            C iron powders with the flux coating


14 What constituent is needed in a coating to prevent the formation of porosity when welding rimming steel

            A iron powders

            B calcium fluoride

            C silicon

            D calcium carbonate


15. Welds made with high heat inputs show a reduction in one of the following properties

            A ductility

            B toughness

            C fatigue strength

            D mechanical strength



  1. thank for the sharing bro, and waiting for the next quiz

  2. apa kabar mr.nov
    di mana saya bisa ambil kursus PMDS?

  3. more quiz on CSWIP 3.1 is expected.
    I am also waiting for your article on SS and DSS as these steels are used as well in fabrication especially their metallurgical characters.

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